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Both the design of the Control Room and the Live Room were overseen by Keith Slaughter, the legendary studio designer behind some of the world’s finest recording studios of both past and present such as Abbey Road, Ridge Farm and Air.

Monkey Puzzle Studio Control Room
  • Control Room

  • The control room at Monkey Puzzle is equipped with an SSL AWS 900+ console, Protools HD3 Accel with Apogee convertors, PMC TB2 or Yamaha NS10 nearfield and Genelec 1038B main monitors.  It’s a comfortable and relaxed room that has plenty of natural light and superb monitoring. It’s a great environment to work in.

  • Live Room
    Our live room is 63.5 square meters (683.5 square feet) with the ridge of the vaulted ceiling being 5 meters (16.5 feet).
    The live room has loads of natural light. With all varieties of floor covering (tile, wood and carpets), timber and fabric clad walls and ceiling all add to provide great acoustic flexibility. There are also a large number of gobos available in various sizes.


Monkey Puzzle House Residential Recording Studio Live Room

Rupert Matthews

Rupe has been engineering and producing records for over 20 years. He has been fortunate enough to have amassed knowledge and experience of the music business and in the studio from the likes of Glyn Johns, Elliot Mazer, Alan Florence and Sean Lynch amongst others.


Since setting up Monkey Puzzle House in 2007, Rupe has had the pleasure of engineering, producing and hosting a huge variety of bands and artists from the classic Bonzo Do Doo-Dah Band and King Crimson, to the likes of the Cradle Of Filth through to the modern progressive phenomenon that was Porcupine Tree.

King Crimson Control Room
Sylosis Live Recording
King Crimson Rehearsal
Josh Middleton
Scott Atkins & Ali Richardson
Robert Fripp
Mel Collins
Pat Mastelotto
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