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In 2016, we launched a music publishing company - Monkey Puzzle House Music Publishing Ltd.


  • Did you know that you are entitled to be paid publishing royalties each time you gig your own material?


  • Did you know that most TV companies won’t play or use music that isn’t officially published?


  • Did you know that when your music is played on the radio, used on TV or in a film, it’s your publisher’s job to collect and get you your money?


  • Did you know Publishers can pitch your music to be used in games, TV and film on your behalf?


If you didn’t, you’re not alone.

Having put everything into the creation of a great recording, it’s a terrible shame that it may never be enjoyed by others, even on the radio or TV. So much great music never realises its’ true potential. Getting your music published is a large step forward towards opening those doors that might see you reap the rewards you are after.

In order to further take care of the writers and bands that get to know our team during the recording process, in 2016, we launched a music publishing company - Monkey Puzzle House Music Publishing Ltd.


Our mission:

To allow your music to reach its market, to push your music for sync opportunities and to effectively and efficiently collect royalties on your behalf. The focus is on fairness, reliability and transparency, always thinking from your perspective.

If you believe your music needs publishing or you'd like your music to be considered for publishing with Monkey Puzzle House, feel free to send links to your music (please avoid sending emails with audio attached) to publishing@monkeypuzzlehouse.com