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Monkey Puzzle House Music Publishing Ltd. is a family run music publisher based near Cambridge UK. We were created in order to be a friendly, straightforward and simple solution to the music publishing needs of the many talented writers not currently catered for.

Our mission:

To allow your music to reach its market, to push your music for sync opportunities and to effectively and efficiently collect royalties on your behalf. The focus is on fairness, reliability and transparency, always thinking from your perspective.

What makes us different?

The importance we attach to relationships, communication and understanding alongside our experience from the writers’ point of view.


As one of the last true means of monetising your music, an understanding of music publishing is more vital than ever.

To have success in the modern industry and to enjoy a fruitful working relationship with your publisher, you need to understand at least the basics of how music publishing works and what your publisher is doing to warrant their percentage. It is our endeavour to make sure all those we represent have that knowledge. 

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