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Protools HD3 Accel:
The most powerful of the base Core systems, Pro Tools|HD® 3 Accel supports extremely large and complex sessions, leveraging the power-on-demand capabilities of three dedicated DSP cards along with the processing resources of our Mac computer, delivering rock-solid performance, low latency, guaranteed track counts, and extended plug-in processing power.

Apogee Converters: AD-16x, DA-16x, Rossetta 800
These converters combine Apogee’s legendary conversion quality with the very latest in high-definition digital to provide unrivalled flexibility and quality. AD & DA-16X and our Rossetta 800 converters offer the most advanced conversion system in the Apogee product line with up to 192k standard sample rates.



Genelec 1038bs
The Genelec 1038B is a three-way active monitoring system including with multiple power amplifiers and active, low signal level crossovers. 
The unique Directivity Control Waveguide ™ (DCW ™) Technology used provides excellent stereo imaging and frequency balance.


The TB2 allows for greater SPL as well as increased bass extension and definition; therefore it is equally suited to larger listening environments. The TB2 is head and shoulders above its competition in all areas of performance and has become a favourite for those looking for a neutral nearfield.


Yamaha NS10ms
The standard 2-way reference speaker found in and trusted for years by studios all over the world.


The studio is wired with Van Damme cable and neutrik connectors exclusively.


Console: SSL AWS 900+SE
The AWS 900+ AWS has redefined the analogue console paradigm.
By combining a traditional world class analogue production console with a comprehensive DAW controller within a single product, SSL has shaped expectations for session workflow within today’s and indeed tomorrows’ production environments.


Teletronics LA2A 
DBX 166 
TL Audio Ivory Series 

Lexicon MPX500 

Lexicon MPX100
TC Electronics Finalizer 

Range of DBX graphic EQs

Range of Behringer compressors and Limiters 

Digitech and Zoom Effects etc. 


Bass POD XT Pro

Wem Copy Cat Tape echo


2 x Neumann U87ai
2 x Neumann km184 ni (matched pair)
2 x Royer R121 (matched Pair)
1 x Charter Oak SA538 (Valve)
3 x AKG 414 (B-XL x2, BTL x1)
1 x AKG D112
2 x Sennheiser 421
1 x Sennheiser 441MD
1 x Shure SM7 
1 x Shure 59
7 x Shure SM57
2 x Shure Beta 58
1 x Audio Technica 4033a
1 x Audio Technica Pro9D
2 x Audio Technica Midnight Blue 
2 x Audio Technica Condenser 
1 x Audio Technica HE58
1 x Crown PZM
2 x Octavia (matched pair)


Weighted and non weighted master keyboards
Rack mounted sound modules and samplers:
Roland, E-Mu, Korg, Yamaha, Akai etc.
Access Virus + Virus Indigo
EWQL Symphonic Orchestra, Choirs, Hollywood Strings Gold
Synthogy Grand Pianos Ivory II
Absynth 3
Akoustik Piano
M-Audio Melatron

Various comprehensive Hammond and Rhodes Vis.

The studio houses a collection of instruments that may be made available upon request. These include:
A variety of drum kits (Tama, Yamaha, Gretch), snares (Ludwig, Mapex, Tama, Yamaha,+ others) and cymbals (Zildjian, Istanbul, Alchemy, Sabian, Paiste)
A very comprehensive range of percussion.
Guitars (Guild Acoustic, Stratocaster plus, 82 Contemporary Stratocaster, Stratocaster Custom, Fender Telecaster B-bender,)
Basses (Musicman stingray 5 with Piezo, Ibanez SB5, Fender American Deluxe Jazz, Fender Jazz 5 + others)
K.Kuwai Baby Grand Piano

  • AudioTrack

  • Auto-Tune 4 (TDM)

  • BF Fairchild Bundle v4

  • BF Moogerfooger Bundle v4

  • BF Pultec Bundle v4

  • Bass Rider

  • C1

  • C4

  • Center

  • DeEsser

  • Diamond TDM

  • Dolby Surround Tools

  • Doppler

  • Doubler

  • Drawmer Dynamics

  • Drumagog 5 Pro

  • Fairchild 670

  • Focusrite d2/d3

  • H3000 Factory PTHD

  • H949 Harmonizer Promo

  • UB

  • IR-L

  • iZotope Trash (tm)

  • L1 Ultramaximizer

  • L2 Ultramaximizer

  • L3 Multimaximizer

  • L3 TDM

  • L3 Ultramaximizer

  • L3-16 Multimaximizer

  • L3-16 Native

  • L3-LL Ultramaximizer

  • Line 6 Echo Farm

  • LinEQ

  • LinMB

  • MaxxBass

  • MaxxVolume

  • MC2000 Massive Pack 4

  • McDSP Channel G HD

  • McDSP FilterBank HD

  • McDSP MC2000 HD

  • MDW Hi-Res Parametric EQ

  • Melodyne editor 1

  • MetaFlanger

  • MondoMod

  • Morphoder

  • MV2

  • Oxford R3 EQ TDM

  • PAZ


  • PitchDoctorPromo

  • Pro Tools HD 8

  • Pro Tools MP3 Export

  • PS22

  • Pultec EQH-2

  • Pultec MEQ-5

  • Q10

  • Q-Clone

  • Quadravox

  • Renaissance Axx

  • Renaissance Bass

  • Renaissance Channel

  • Renaissance Compressor

  • Renaissance DeEsser

  • Renaissance Equalizer

  • Renaissance Reverb

  • Renaissance Vox

  • Reverb One

  • ReVibe

  • S1

  • Slightly Rude Compressor

  • Smack!

  • SoundBlender V3

  • SoundReplacer

  • SoundShifter

  • Space (AAX/RTAS/TDM)


  • SS FG-X Virtual Mastering Console

  • SS Virtual Buss Compressors

  • SS Virtual Tape Machines

  • SuperTap

  • TL Drum Rehab

  • Transform

  • TransX

  • Trigger

  • TrueVerb

  • Tune LT

  • UltraPitch

  • URS A10 N12 MPACK4 TDM

  • Vocal Rider

  • Waves Diamond TDM + L3-16 Native
    + L3 TDM 6.0.4
    Waves Masters Bundle TDM, Waves Renaissance Maxx TDM, Waves Restoration TDM

  • Valhalla
    Waves TDM Gold Bundle)

  • Waves X

  • X-Click X-Crackle

  • X-Hum

  • X-Noise

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